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Green Beans & Potato Sabji
Wash fresh beans (it can be either french beans) and cut into 
small pieces.
Cut 1 potato into square pieces. Chopped green chilli, ginger.
jeera,salt, dhaniya masala, red chilli, heeng, lime juice, 
put 3-4 spoon oil and pur heeng, chopped ginger green chillies. 
Jeera. Then put haldi and potato...let it cook for 3-4 minutes 
as potato is harder than beans so put it first.

After it, put the cut green beans and cover it..mix it in 
middle 2-3 times and if required, put 2-3 spoon of water. when 
it is half cooked, mix dhaniya powder, red chilli, amchoor salt.

Coverr it again.

When it is fully cooked, put lime jucie..and serve with hot hot