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Gatte ki sabzi
any type of indian bread/roti
Curry,Rajasthani,North Indian,Veggie
1 cup besan, mix 1/4 cup maida..also can mix wheat flour 
put salt and soda and put 1 sp on oil. And make tight dough in 

Make rolls and steam like Khaman and when they are cooked like 
they shd not be stick. Cut into small pieces.

Oil, ginger, green chillies, salt, bay leave, black pepper, 
dhaniya powder, red cilli, garam masala.
Put 2-3 Tbsp in a pan and put heeng,Jeera, bay leave, black 
pepper and garlic,green chillies, fry & then put haldi & red 

Mix some onion & tomato puree..allow it to cook for few min. 
and mix some water...depending how thin you want.

Let it cook...Mix the pieces of gattas when you are ready to 

Decorate with garam masala & green coriander leave.