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Indian Pickle
Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie
1 katori maida
1/4 katori Sooji
Ajwan, salt acc to your taste
Warm 1/4 katori oil & warm water to make dough
A pinch of baking soda
A) mix all dry ingregidents and put salt, ajwan. 
B) put warm oil in the above mixture and mix well and rub 
C) mix warm water slowly slowly to make semi tight dough.
D) put this dough and wrap in wet cloth for atleast 1/2 hour

E) make small balls and make 1.5 inch flat roti/pancake shape 
with the help of roller. And pork with fork so that it won't be 
filled with oil and will be flat frying. Roll all of them and 
again put under a wet moist cloth so they won't be dry. They 
call mathri.

F) put 3 katori frying vegetable peanut oil in a deep frying 
pan and let it hot well...when it is medium hot..start putting 
the mathari...deep fry them both sides. Once you put them in 
oil at medium hot then reduce flame little.

G) deep fry and put in an open box for 1/2 hour so that they 
won't be soggy.

They give good taste with Indian Pickle.
Otherwise just enjoy in afternoon snack with Coffee/Tea.