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Ride One

Dear friends,

You need a ride?

Are you tired of calling cabs, renting cars or asking help from friends?

Try "Ride One".

We are not a cab or rental services. We are a privately owned car, serving you for your personal needs.

When you need a dependable, hassle-free ride or a quick last-minute pickup just remember us.

Affordable rates and comfort as you are riding your own car, limitations up to 4 passengers. We do not run on meters, it is a pre-set fare and rest you are the boss.

Save our number and call 'Ride One' right away. A friendly driver will be at your service.

'Ride One' offers 24/7 services to:
Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and surrounding areas
Pick-Ups and Delivery
Airport, Hotel, Hospital, Grocery, Malls
Dining out, plans with friends/colleagues/ family
Short trip to Cape Cod or Providence
And more.

Ride One