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[Education / Teaching] MS SQL Server Certification Training + BI

NovusSoft is offering premium SQL BI training batch strongly determined to provide one-on-one classroom practical training for as long as 7 weeks with resume guidance and placement assistance.No False promises of 100% job guaranty, we believe in an excellent training program, and offer a contract free training. Pre-req: General knowledge of Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS. Duration: 2 Months. Schedules: Batch I: 10.00 am to Noon (Saturday, Sunday) Classroom/Online Training Class Starts: 19th November @11 AM Sign up now First 2 Classes are Free; fee is due from the following class Fee: $750 (Includes course material, PPT's and PDF-Textbooks) Training Highlights: ·Training Covers SQL Server Certification 70-461 topics ·?Installation of SQL Server Software 3 Test databases will be created from beginners to Advanced level on your personal laptops ·Classroom practice sessions ·After each class there is take away homework ·Extra time is deviated to students who are new to database/SQL world ·Resume Guidance ·?Best suited for H4-> EAD Course Plan: SQL Server 2012 with BI tools The Course is designed to cover SQL with Business Intelligence tools, basic knowledge of software and database is required. Standard windows 7 laptops with at least 2 GB RAM is recommended. Week 1 · Introduction to SQL · Installation of Software · Working with DDL (Create, Alter, Drop) · Constraints (Primary Key, Foreign Key) · Hands on example of creating tables, altering tables · creating multi table relational database · Assignment Week 2 · DML (Select, Update and Delete) · Restricting, sorting and filtering data · Joins (Inner, Left, Right and Full Outer Join) · Aggregate Functions Group by, Having · Assignment Week 3 · Nested Queries, Views · String Functions · User-Defined Functions (UDF) · Stored Procedures SQL Mid-Term Exam Week 4 Introduction to SSRS and Configuration tools · Shared DataSource and DataSets · Creating reports using Table, Chart, List and Gauges · Creating Expression and Conditional Formatting · Creating Reports and Report Parameters/Drop Down parameters Week 5 Deploying Reports and Data Sources · Exporting Reports and printing · Managing Reporting Service Manager Week6 SQL Server Integration Services SSIS · Creating SSIS Packages · Control Flow o For Loop o For Each Loop · Working with tasks o Execute SQL Task o FTP Task o Script Task o Backup Database task · Basic Data Transformation o Conditional Split o Aggregate o Sort o Pivot · SSIS Package Management o Scheduling Jobs using SQL Server Agent o Creating and Monitoring jobs Week 7 Test & Resume Guidance Reach us at email@NovusSoft.com or (612) 564-3657


Important Note from Localfiles: Beware of work at home,assembly,loan etc scams. Do more research and avoid getting scammed.